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  • The Battle Series is a winner-take-all, four-week, online workout and fundraising competition. Individuals will complete one workout per week beginning Monday, October 24th. Money raised through the Battle Series goes directly to individuals in the CrossFit community fighting cancer.


  • Competition Fee: $45 per registration. $60 includes a shirt. Don’t want the shirt? opt to donate the t-shirt fee back to the cause.
  • Divisions: Mens and Womens – RX, scaled, masters, scaled masters, and teen.

Download and print posters:

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29 thoughts on “Affiliate Resources

  1. Just curious about how this competition works. You have 1 week to compete each workout? How are you judged on each competition? Must you record yourself and send it in or does your own affiliate judge you? Mine is in Bayport Long Island, NY. Is that an issue? Thanks for the info !!

    1. Hi Regina,

      It works just like the open, one workout a week to be completed and score logged by Sunday evening. We don’t have strict standards for submitting your score, it’s basically the honor system. I don’t believe we’ve had any issues with that in the past though. You can do the workouts anywhere and you just have to log your score on this site each week.

      Everyday Warrior

  2. Hi, question. When I registered it looks like I either did click on my box location, is there anyway you can fix that for me. I workout at Salem South Crossfit.

    Iain Houghton

  3. My score for week two is not showing up. I keep putting in again and again. No email confirming my entry. What am I doing wrong. Thanks Shannon kearns

    1. Hi Shannon, I can’t speak to the lack of email but I see your score on the leaderboard on Female Masters Scaled division tab.

  4. I was sick all last week and I wasn’t able to do the workout for week 2. Can I still do it and submit my score. If I can’t will I still be able to do the other workouts and submit my scores?


  5. For the workout #4 will masters scaled be able to do the hand release push ups from their knees or do we need to do a full plank pushup?
    Thank you.
    Sherry Hopson

  6. Hi there. I must have misread or misunderstood we had a week to submit scores, which I understood to be closing day Monday. If this is the case I attempted to submit my score today but it was already closed. Can you please clarify what day and time we have until. All the best. Thank you.

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