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CrossFit Oregon City153
CrossFit Wilsonville144
CrossFit Salem125
Banks Country Fitness CrossFit68
Progressive Fitness CrossFit45
CrossFit West Salem44
CrossFit Formidable38
Boulder Mountain CrossFit38
CrossFit 50336
CrossFit 45 North34
CrossFit Train 9733331
CrossFit Stumptown30
DIG Performance CrossFit29
CrossFit Power Valley29
CrossFit Type 4428
CrossFit 40428
McMinnville CrossFit IMUA26
CrossFit Absolute26
CrossFit Train26
Mahoney CrossFit North Salem24
CrossFit Intensify23
CrossFit BYB23
CrossFit WIT23
CrossFit SW Beaverton22
CrossFit Verve18
CrossFit R318
CrossFit Kiowa18
CrossFit Untamed17
CrossFit Agoge17
CrossFit Boones Ferry16
CrossFit Infernal16
Storm King CrossFit16
CrossFit Cimmeria16
CrossFit WASQ15
CrossFit Outcome15
CrossFit Reflexion15
CrossFit Steelhead15
CrossFit Timber15
CrossFit X-Factor14
CrossFit Body and Fuel14
New Day CrossFit13
CrossFit Mill Town13
CrossFit Tigard P.A.W.12
CrossFit The Den12
Iron Valley CrossFit12
Oregon CrossFit12
CrossFit Undeniable11
Bayport CrossFit11
CrossFit Industrious10
Industrial CrossFit10
East Ormond Beach CrossFit10
CrossFit Decoded10
Santiam CrossFit10
CrossFit Smash Phillip9
Skypoint CrossFit9
Alpine CrossFit9
Inner Beast CrossFit9
Forest Grove CrossFit9
CrossFit Sandpoint8
La Grande CrossFit8
CrossFit A.P.E. (Ape)8
Newberg CrossFit Rebuilt7
Alternative Athletics CrossFit6
Ruination CrossFit6
Blue Ridge CrossFit6
Centripetal CrossFit6
CrossFit HSC5
CrossFit Stony Brook5
Sunriver CrossFit5
CrossFit Devotion5
CrossFit Saint Helens4
VC CrossFit4
CrossFit Unum4
CrossFit Dragonfire4
No Pain CrossFit4
CrossFit Immense4
Coachella Valley CrossFit4
NorBeau CrossFit4
CrossFit Woodstock4
CrossFit at MKG3
CrossFit Olympia3
CrossFit PFB3
CrossFit 3-46 Grit3
CrossFit 8673
CrossFit SW Portland3
CrossFit Wenatchee3
Big Horn CrossFit3
Anderson River CrossFit3
CrossFit Garden City3
Pacific Athletic Club3
Roughrider CrossFit3
Big Cat CrossFit3
CrossFit Beaumont3
CrossFit Hillsboro2
CrossFit Instinct2
CrossFit Myo2
CrossFit Mudtown2
Edmond CrossFit2
Lane 5 CrossFit2
CrossFit Paladin2
CrossFit PDX2
Club Sport2
CrossFit Invoke2
CrossFit Alacrity2
Beaverton CrossFit2
CrossFit Warrior RX2
Aegis Team CrossFit2
CrossFit Intensify West 11th2
CrossFit State of Mind2
CrossFit Yelm2
Aloha CrossFit2
CrossFit Catawba Valley2
Canyon CrossFit2
Rogue Valley CrossFit2
PFC CrossFit1
Friendship CrossFit1
Silverton CrossFit1
Iron Antler CrossFit of Bulverde1
Bear Republic CrossFit1
Green Mountain CrossFit North1
CrossFit Bismarck1
Boulder Mountian crossfit1
CrossFit Triumph1
20 mile CrossFit1
Snake River CrossFit1
MBS CrossFit1
Bourbon Barrel CrossFit1
CrossFit TS1
CrossFit Link1
CrossFit East Redlands1
KDR CrossFit1
Commons Crew CrossFit1
Ellensburg CrossFit1
ChalkBox Training (Chalk Nation)1
American River CrossFit1
CrossFit Torque1
CrossFit Waialua1
Front Range CrossFit1
CrossFit Fort Vancouver1
Storm King CrossFit East1
CrossFit Lake Oswego1
CrossFit Hereafter1
CrossFit Intrepid1
CrossFit Milford1
Absolution CrossFit1
CrossFit Paradigm Performance1
CrossFit Happy Valley1
CrossFit Portland1
Strength Farm CrossFit1
CrossFit NEVO (Next Evolution)1
CrossFit O\'Fallon1
FallOut CrossFit1
CrossFit Southwest1
CrossFit Sav-Up1
CrossFit Invasion1
CrossFit Chalmette1
Crossfitt ofallon1
Aliso CrossFit1
CrossFit Insidious1
CrossFit Akron North1
CrossFit Supercell1
PPF CrossFit1
CrossFit Forney1
CrossFit 3181
CrossFit Epiphany1
CrossFit Salmon Creek1
CrossFit TS - Torque Strength1
CrossFit Fireside1
Cross fit Train 973331
CrossFit Invictus1
CrossFit Jolt1
Intrepid Athletics PDX1
CrossFit Marysville1